When a Tempe Tree Removal Company Needs a Crane?

Tempe Tree Removal Company Needs a Crane

Regarding tree removal, you may wonder about the necessity of a tree crane. However, if you've ever considered taking on this task yourself, it's strongly advised to enlist the help of experts from Top Leaf Tree Service in Tempe, AZ.


When Do You Need A Crane For Tree Removal?

While not always mandatory, a tree crane can prove invaluable for skilled arborists like those at Top Leaf tree removal services. In certain situations, using a crane is essential to ensure safety and mitigate risks.

Let us present a few examples where your trusted tree removal company in Tempe, AZ, should employ a crane to safeguard everyone involved.


  • Although crane services are predominantly required for tree removal, sometimes a crane is equally necessary for proper tree maintenance.
  • When dealing with tall trees that need pruning, a crane can elevate the arborist to the canopy's height and provide a secure platform for safely disposing of trimmed branches.
  • Thorough tree inspections can significantly benefit from a stable vantage point. Despite the tree's towering stature, experts can effectively assess its health and structural integrity.


Tempe, AZ Tree Professionals, and Tree Removal Considerations

Professional arborists meticulously evaluate various factors concerning a tree and its surroundings before determining whether a tree crane should be employed for removal.

A crane is a preventive measure against potential hazards and damages caused by the tree or those that may arise in the future. Opting for crane-assisted tree removal is the safest and most efficient solution in the following scenarios:

  • When a weakened tree poses a dangerous lean toward your home.
  • When a tree's height makes traditional felling methods unfeasible.
  • When electrical cables and wiring are near the tree.
  • When a tree has succumbed to decay or disease.

In your search for tree removal services in Tempe, AZ, many issues may come to light when the branches bear the weight of spring's abundant fresh growth. A tree crane is a superior option in such cases as its platform can support significantly more weight than a rope.


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