When Does a Tempe Tree Removal Company Need a Crane?

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You might be curious when a tree crane is necessary for tree removal. But if you've ever thought of doing this, hire experts.

A tree crane can be useful for experienced arborists like those from Top Leaf tree removal services, even though they are not always required. Other times, unless we use a tree crane, when some circumstances are risky.

Here you can look at a few examples where your Tempe, AZ, tree removal company should use a crane to protect everyone.


Tempe, AZ Tree Removal Using a Crane

Even though most crane services needed for trees are removal-related, sometimes a crane is also necessary for good tree maintenance.

When tall trees need to be pruned, a crane can elevate the arborist to the height of the canopy and offer a location for the chopped limbs to fall safely.

In-depth tree examinations may benefit from using a secure platform. Despite its height, experts can properly evaluate a tree's health and structural integrity.


Tempe, AZ Tree Pros and Tree Removal

Professional arborists consider many factors when examining a tree and its surroundings when deciding whether a tree crane is removed.

A crane is used to prevent further hazards and damages than the ones already caused or potentially caused by the tree. The most secure and effective solution when crane-assisted tree removal is:


  • A tree has become weakened and is leaning dangerously close to your home.
  • It's impossible to fell your tree as it's too tall.
  • Electrical cables and wiring are too close to your tree.
  • Your tree has decayed or diseased.


Tree Removal Services in Tempe, AZ

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Many problems are revealed when there is weight on the branches in the spring, when there is typically a lot of new tree growth. In this case, a tree crane is the best option because the platform can support far more weight than a rope.

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