Gilbert, AZ Tree Removal. A Trim Or It Needs Tree Removal

Gilbert, AZ Tree Removal. A Trim Or It Needs Tree Removal

Beautiful as they are to see, older trees also have practical uses around the house and yard. Their limbs provide a haven for birds and other pollinators, their foliage lowers cooling costs, and we can all benefit from spending time in the coolness of their shade.

However, these lovely additions occasionally need more than just a trim and must be eliminated. And it’s crucial to act before any significant damage occurs. Here are three indications that professional tree removal in Chandler is necessary, rather than just trimming, for your tree:


This is a Danger to the Building’s Foundations.

Most trees have roots that reach just as far as their limbs. Therefore, a tree’s branches and roots may invade your home, walkways, and walls, even though the trunk is far from your property.

While broken branches can be easily seen and assessed, damage to a tree’s root system may not be so obvious until it’s too late.

Foundations can be harmed, walls can shift, paths can become crooked, and water pipes can become choked. Chandler tree removal is essential before an overgrown tree does any substantial damage to keep the cost of removing the tree at a minimum.


Chandler Tree Care Can’t Save Your Infected Tree

However discouraging it may be, native trees’ health issues, such as disease and insect damage, are accurate and occur frequently. Insects like bark beetles can burrow into the timber beneath the bark and slowly kill the tree from the inside out.

Other insects can hurt or kill a tree by attacking its leaves or roots.

Fungi and parasites feed on their hosts and can also smother trees to death. Chandler Tree Removal is often called upon to remove a tree after an insect or disease has seriously damaged it to stop the spread of the pest and prevent the tree from falling and damaging nearby structures.


Your Tree Endangers Your Home

Did you know that if a tree on your property causes damage, your homeowner’s insurance might pay to have it cut down?

It is common knowledge among insurance companies that cutting down a tree is more cost-effective than fixing the damage it causes.

However, insurance companies may want documentation showing that the tree has been regularly serviced by Chandler tree care experts and poses no risk because of disrepair.


Gilbert, AZ Tree Removal. A Trim Or It Needs Tree Removal

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