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Tree Removal

Tree Removal

This large felled tree had to be removed from a newly purchased plot of land in Phoenix. Photo by Kevin Dooley.

Whether you’re completely changing the outlay of your property or simply wanting to get rid of that old tree in the corner that is too much to maintain and doesn’t stop shedding, Top Leaf is your neighborhood preferred tree removal specialist. As residents of the valley, we know and understand the unique environment that exists here in Arizona.

Removing a tree and its roots from the ground is much more that digging a hole and pulling it out. There is an exact science and method to the process which will ensure your surrounding property and land will also be preserved. We have certified specialists on staff and on site to guarantee the quality of the job. Our process is safe and has satisfied hundreds of customers over the years.

We understand that the beauty of your yard is an extension of the beauty of your home and that tree removal is an important component of that ongoing process. Your satisfaction is our number one priority above all. We offer both residential and commercial tree removal services in the following areas:

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