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Storm Cleanup

Storm Cleanup

The combination of dry ground and large trees during Monsoon season can make for a dangerous situation and cost thousands of dollars in damage.

If you’ve lived in Arizona long enough, you know what it’s like to experience the storms and monsoons that hit our valley year after year. While those storms can bring much-needed rain and respite from the desert heat, they unfortunately sometimes leave behind damage that is much more that just a simple clean-up job.

When properties are severely damaged, Top Leaf will remove storm debris from your property, returning it to a pleasant and livable condition. After experiencing such damage, cleaning up the mess that was left behind is never a wanted task. Top Leaf understands that storm cleanup is much more than simply picking up that which was knocked over. Below the mess, there may be some residual damage not seen by the untrained eye. Our professionals have extensive expertise in cleaning up the obvious and noticing the hard-to-see issues. We offer both residential and commercial storm cleanup services in the following areas:

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