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Palm Tree Trimming Services

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Palm trees are abundant here in the Phoenix area, and many of us have them in our own yards. They can be a welcomed addition to any yard that adds life and character. However, if not trimmed properly, palm trees can be in danger of dying as well as being a major hazard to your house.

Our certified tree specialists are the best in the business - providing expert tree trimming, removal, and maintenance for over 20 years throughout Phoenix Valley. We’re proud of our reputation as a cut above the rest.

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The palm tree trimming methods used by Top Leaf will help ensure your palm trees are not only well maintained, but safe as well. Palm trees differ from other trees because they will actually shed their fronds, dropping the to the ground below. Although natural, this can be a dangerous process. We offer residential and commercial palm tree trimming services in the following areas: Chandler, AZ palm tree trimming Mesa, AZ palm tree trimming Gilbert, AZ palm tree trimming Call Top Leaf today at 480.833.6465 if you are in need of palm tree trimming services, and our certified experts will happily care for your palms with the most advanced and proven methods.