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Fruit Tree Trimming

Fruit Tree Trimming

Oranges like these can be a wonderful asset to your property, but without proper care can become overgrown and unattractive.

Part of the fun of having a variety of trees in your yard is having fruit trees that can bare fresh fruit. It is important to remember that not all fruit trees are created equal, and care and maintenance will depend on the type of fruit tree you are pruning. The way you prune an apple tree, known to be very tolerant, is a bit different than the way you will prune a peach tree, known for its intolerance. Fruit tree tolerance refers to the amount of environmental stress a tree can handle while still being able to produce suitable fruit. Factors such as heat, cold, and direct sunlight will determine a fruit tree’s tolerance and the type of method best used to prune its branches.

The professionally certified arborists at Top Leaf will know exactly what kind of method and strategy will be best for your particular fruit trees. When appropriately pruned, stress to the tree caused by the weight of the fruit is controlled, the quality of the fruit is preserved and fruit production is maximized. Don’t let mismanagement ruin your fruit tree’s ability to produce fresh and abundant fruit.

Let the certified professionals at Top Leaf care for and manage the growth of your fruit trees. Their experience and education is of the highest benefit to you, the customer. We offer residential and commercial fruit tree trimming services in all of the following areas:

Call us today at 480.833.6465 with any questions or concerns you may have concerning your fruit bearing trees, and you will rest easy knowing they are in the hands of the most trusted professionals in the valley.