Child custody – Fathers Rights in Arizona

As child custody attorneys in Mesa we believe the child is an integral part of marriage and when a wedding breaches or the partner separates the confusion comes regarding the child because both of the parties want to keep the child. Several cases have been filed lately in the state of Arizona where both of the partner or the spouses appeal to the court for having the children. In most of the cases, if the mother is established enough then the custody is given to the mother, but the father also has equal rights in the upbringing of the children. When it comes to the custody of the children the father, most of the times feel that the law and order, as well as the court, are against them. From the old times, there were laws in favor of the dads of Arizona. Now, although, law and order, as well as the courts, have started to adopt new rules and unbiased perspective on the child custody fathers right Arizona. From the support of custody of the child to the visitation, understanding the custody of your child right as a father is vital to play an essential as well as the active part in the life of your child.

Myths about child custody father’s rights in Arizona

There are some myths about the rights father on the custody of the children. Firstly, it is always considered that mother is a better parent, and she should always receive the custody of the children. It always happens that the mother always gets the custody as the children need the love and care of the mother from their very childhood and as mothers are better in raising the child than the father. But nowadays, it is a total myth. Father can play the role of upbringing a child with love and care as well. The court has become a lot more gender equal these days, and they judge the cases after seeing both the parties. Custody of the mother is no longer given.

Understanding the order of the court

The order of custody of the court is also known as the parenting plan or visitation schedule. It is important for you as well as your children to compose a visitation schedule that will work in case of both of you. Things are judged by the capability of either of the parent in providing all the facilities including the school fees, extra curriculum activity fees, etc. to the children.

The visitation rights

How do the courts will enforce an order of custody if the custodial parent does not honor it? If it is a sporadic problem, try working out all the arrangements cordially. If it is not then, you should thoroughly document all the violations of the order ahead of involving the attorneys who are involved in the custody of the children. Child custody fathers right Arizona is same as the laws of other states but still there are some variations. A good and qualified family law attorney can help you in this case.

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