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Commercial Tree Services

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As business owners in the tree service industry, we have a very unique opportunity as it relates to other business owners in the Phoenix valley. Our business and profession is the first thing that patrons unknowingly see when they visit the business of another. Yet, the work that we do is somehow attributed to the look and feel of their business, rather than our own. And you know what? We’re perfectly OK with that.

Our certified tree specialists are the best in the business – providing expert tree trimming, removal, and maintenance for over 20 years throughout Phoenix Valley. We’re proud of our reputation as a cut above the rest.

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Top Leaf’s commercial tree service in Arizona is dedicated to the overall first impression of your place of business. Like us, we understand that your goal is to deliver the most memorable and satisfactory experience to your customers as possible. Our goal is to ensure that your business property is well groomed, providing a clean and considerate atmosphere. We offer a full line of tree removal and maintenance services, including tree removal, cactus removal, crown thinning, palm tree trimming and artistic pruning. A groomed and well thought out property is not just an added bonus to your customers. It’s a business necessity.

It Takes Dedication

Top Leaf offers monthly commercial tree maintenance plans that are best suited to your schedule. Our team is lead by educated tree trimming professionals, certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. Call us today to discuss how our business can best serve your business, by doing what we do best. Our friendly staff is standing by to determine how Top Leaf can fulfill your tree trimming needs.