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Cactus Removal

Cactus Removal

Top Leaf can safely remove large cactus plants such as this one in the front yard of a vacation rental in Phoenix.

In service now for more than 10 years, Top Leaf gives you the expertise, knowledge and quality service you require when dealing with Arizona’s finest cacti. Whether your job is big or small, our cactus removal service is guaranteed to meet your highest expectation.

Known for its beautiful cacti species, Arizona is home to such specimens as Prickly Pear, Barrel Cactus, and the famous Saguaro. While they add beauty and value to your home, an uncared-for cactus can be an extremely dangerous liability. When raised in a controlled environment, such as your front or back yard where drip systems exist, a cactus-like the Saguaro can grow at a very fast rate. Eventually, it will grow too big for the root system to support the immense weight, causing it to lean to one side or, in some cases, tip over. The weight is heavy enough to cause severe damage to a nearby wall, car, other plant life and sometimes animals and human. Top Leaf offers residential and commercial cactus removal services in the following areas:

Whether you are wanting to eliminate an existing cactus from your home or need help removing one that has already fallen over, Top Leaf is sure to meet the demands of the removal process. Our professionals have years of experience in handling these beautiful, yet sometimes dangerous, cactus species. Call us today at 480.833.6465 to discuss how Top Leaf can meet your cactus removal needs.